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Features: The IN102Ex Size Scanning Nephelometer extends the capabilities of our IN102 nephelometer aerosol to sample in the range  from PM1 to PM10.
Features: Higher accuracy,stability and reliability
Features: A Compact Gas Chromatograph.
Features: Stop waiting for “ideal” weather to get your fieldwork done
Features: Indoor Solution for Air Quality Monitoring
Features: Helping you breathe easy.
Product Name: CPEC310
Features: Expandable Closed-Path Eddy-Covariance System with EC155, Pump Module, and Automatic Zero and Span
Features: High-performance VNIR hyperspectral imager with very high spatial resolution and superior image quality.
Features: Economical, Easy-to-Install, Excellent Soil Contact
Features: 4 isotopologues, 3 isotopic ratios, 2 phases, 1 instrument
Features: Four Cameras, One Field Of View;Accepts 1-inch Filters and Polarizers;CMOS Global Shutter;
Features: Higher Precision and Speed.Now available in portable.
Product Name: AWC (Auk)
Features: Tetracam's Agricultural Wireless Camera
Features: The CPEC200 is a closed-path eddy-covariance system that measures surface-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and momentum. The system includes Campbell Scientific's EC155 closed-path gas analyzer, our CSAT3A sonic anemometer, and our CR3000 datalogger, along with the other hardware and software needed for a turn-key eddy-covariance system.
Features: Irrational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from human activities have a significant impact on global climate change. Greenhouse gases mainly includes CO 2 、CH 4 、N 2 O、H 2 O、OCS, etc. Among them, CO 2 、CH 4 and N 2 O are considered to be main GHG and has been widespread concerned. Soil greenhouse gas respiration is an important flow path in the global greenhouse gas cycle. The loss of CO 2 , CH 4 and N 2 O in the soil significantly increased the gas content of CO 2 , CH 4 and N 2 O in the atmosphere and enhanced greenhouse gas effects. On-line, long-term and accurate measurement of soil greenhouse gas flux, which are of great significance to the study of greenhouse gas flux.
Features: 6 nm enhanced SWIR resolution for the next generation of hyperspectral sensor
Features: GHG AnalyzerTravels Anywhere
Features: NO-NO2-NOx Chemiluminescent Gas Analyzer
Features: Lightweight, compact, ideal for airborne remote sensing applications.
Features: Weighs only 15 kg, power less than 70 W
Features: 8 nm SWIR resolution ideal for geological studies and atmospheric research
Features: Sensitive, fast and compact analyzers for measurement of CH₄, CO₂ and H₂O
Features: Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer—pulsed fluorescence gas analyzer
Features: Hyperspectral imaging camera covering the near infrared spectral range.
Features: Simultaneous measurements of δ2H, δ17O, δ18O and H2O in air
Features: Detects, locates and quantifies natural gas leaks while flying
Features: Thermo Scientific Model 48iGas filter correlation Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
Features: High-precision infrared hyperspectral imaging camera. High spectral and spatial resolutions.
Features: Weighs only 15 kg, power less than 65 W
Features: Fast, Accurate, Synchronous, Multi-parameter and Verifiable
Features: Near-ultraviolet hyperspectral imager.  Includes custom objective lens optimized for ultraviolet imaging.
Features: Simplify Soil Studies
Product Name: N2O/CO Analyzer
Features: Enhanced Performance series delivers ultra-high stability and higher performance
Features: Reliable delivery of water vapor isotope standards over a wide range of concentrations
Features: Simultaneous measurements of methane and nitrous oxide continuously and via syringe injection
Features: Simultaneous measurements of carbonyl sulfide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapor in air?
Features: Highly sensitive, accurate and fast analyzer for reliable measurement of δ13C, δ18O, CO2 and H2O.
Features: Sensitive ammonia measurements in seconds Absolutely
Features: δ13CH4 for methane ranging from 1 ppm to 100%
Features: Simultaneous measurements of H2S and NH3
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