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Product Name: LI-2100 Automatic Water Extraction System

Best solution for your urgent requirementeasy to operate, a fast extraction system of plant, soil and other sample.

LI-2100 Automatic Water Extraction System


The stable isotope analysis technology is an important research method in many fields, such as atmospheric science, hydrology, ecology and so on. The traditional methods of plant and soil water extraction have lots of disadvantages, such as: liquid nitrogen addition, complexity of operation and frangibility of glass components, health hazard, environment pollution. With the development of isotope analysis technology, the measuring speed of water isotope become more rapidly, the traditional water extraction methods can not meet the needs of users.

LI-2100 Automatic Water Extraction SystemBest solution for your urgent requirementeasy to operate, a fast extraction system of plant, soil and other sample.


Working Principle:

LI-2100 adopts auto ultra-low pressure and temperature condensation method, the water in the sample

will be distilled and condensed by the auto ultra-low pressure system and the cooling system, so we can

acquire the extracted water successfully without fractionation. LI-2100 consists of ultra-low pressure system, heating system, cooling system and controlling system. The whole operation process is monitored by the controlling system.


Features and benefits:

1.       Follow the traditional vacuum distillation methods, reliable data;

2.       Automatic extraction: Unattended operation in the whole process;

3.       Simple Operation: No operation experiences needed;

4.       Fast and efficient: Extraction rate> 110 samples / day;

5.       No Liquid Nitrogen needed: Fast electricity cooler;

6.       Safe and convenient: Auto power off and self-protection;

7.       Quality control: Auto fault alarm;

8.       The only automated extraction system in the world.



1.       Auto ultra-low pressure and temperature condensation method

2.       Extraction speed: > 110 samples / 24 hours

3.       Extraction of the number of samples simultaneously: 14-17 / time

4.       Extraction rate: > 98%

5.       Recovery rate: 99% -101%

6.       System vacuum: < 1000 Pa

7.       System leak rate: < 1 Pa/s

8.       Cooling: Without liquid nitrogen, Combination of compressor and cold trap, -95

9.       Heating: Electric heating, the maximum heating temperature up to 195

10.    Display and operation: 7' TFT LCD (Resolution: 800 × 480, Displaying color: 65536) Friendly Human-Computer touch screen

11.    Automatic protection: When the temperature is too high or exceeds the set value, the heating system shuts down automatically

12.    Automatic alarms: When cooling system breaks down or vacuum leaks

13.    Dimensions: 90 × 74 × 110 cm

14.    Weight: 120 kg


Manufacturer: LICA, China

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