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Product Name: Pika UV(330-800 nm)

The Pika UV is a line-scan hyperspectral camera that covers the near ultraviolet and visible spectral range (330 – 800 nm).

Pika UV(330-800 nm)

The Pika UV (formerly Pika NUV2) is a line-scan hyperspectralcamera that covers the near ultraviolet and visible spectralrange (330 – 800 nm). The Pika UV is the only ultraviolet +visible hyperspectral camera commercially available. It can beused with Resonon’s Reflectance benchtop system, outdoor,and airborne systems, standalone with our softwaredevelopment kit, and integrated into machine vision systems.


• Spectral Range: 330 – 800 nm

• 1500 Spatial Pixels Per Line

• 255 Spectral Channels Per Line

• Unique Ultraviolet Imaging

Pika UV(330-800 nm)

Pika UV(330-800 nm)


Spectral Range:330 - 800 nm

Spectral Channels:255

Spectral Bandwidth:1.8 nm

Spectral Resolution (FWHM):2.8 nm

Dispersion per Pixel:0.46 nm

Spatial Pixels per Line:1500


Dimensions:230 x 107 x 85 mm

Weight:2.27 kg

Power Requirements:3.4 W via USB

Max Frame Rate:142 fps

Interface:USB 3.0

Bit Depth:12

Pixel Size:5.86 µm

Peak SNR:  361

Binning: spectral and spatial available

Pixel Well Depth:32.7 ke

Slit Width:24 µm

Spectrometer Magnification:0.92

Sensor Type:CMOS

Sensor Cooling:passive

Operating Temperature (non-condensing):0 to +50 C

Recommended Temperature (non-condensing) :+5 to +40 C

Objective Lens Mount:CS-mount

Objective Lens Field-of-View Options:8°, 21°

Software Development Kit:Windows, C++


Manufacturer: Resonon, USA

Pika UV(330-800 nm)

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