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Case AMS products
说明: User: Quzhou Experimental Station, China Agricultural UniversityProduct: Smartchem 450
说明: User: Yanqing Test Base, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower ResearchProduct: Futura
说明: User: Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural SciencesProduct: Smartchem 200
说明: User: Hebei Academy of Agricultural SciencesProduct: Futura
说明: User: Yumen Oil FieldProduct: Futura
说明: In November 2011, the FUTURA continuous flow analyzer of the Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was installed. The user is very satisfied with the performance of the services and products of the company.
说明: SmartChem's user base has expanded. In November 2011, the company completed the installation of SmartChem 200 from Northeast Normal University and Henan University. The user was impressed with the patient and meticulous service attitude of the company and the professional and considerate service level. He expressed satisfaction with the good performance of the instrument.
说明: Recently, the SmartChem 300 automatic chemical analyzer purchased by Beijing Geography Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was completed. The SmartChem 300 is the latest chemical analyzer from the AMS Group. Compared to the widely used SmartChem 200, the new device has a faster measurement speed, a variety of ion analyzer sensors, and a variety of cleaning fluids.The Beijing Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already had a SmartChem 200 chemical analyzer. The user has a high evaluation of this instrument. The purchase of the latest model is an affirmation of the performance of the instrument and proof of satisfactory after-sales service.Since this is the first SmartChem 300 to be settled in China, AMS engineers have also come to China for installation tr...
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