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Beijing LICA United Technology Limited was founded in  2005. It is a professional eco-environment instrument supplier and technical service provider, and always insists on providing domestic users with more advanced eco-environmental instruments and technical services. The main products cover stable isotope determination, trace gas measurement, ground spectrum measurement, hyperspectral imaging measurement, ambient air quality monitoring, atmospheric particulate matter monitoring, water chemical analysis, field portable and long-term monitoring and analysis instruments.

The company is headquartered in Beijing. In recent years, as the company's business and scale has grown, it has established offices in Guangzhou and Wuhan. Through in-depth understanding of user requirement, we work closely with users to provide users with professional technical solutions, products and services, continuously improve the level of instrument application of technicians, and assist users in continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence in scientific research. With first-class technology and products, and complete after-sales service, LICA has won extensive market and good reputation.

The company has provided a large number of internationally leading instruments to authoritative research institutions, famous universities and government monitoring departments in China. The company has successively won a number of '211' projects, '985' projects, the '948' project of the Ministry of Water Resources, the 'discipline group' project of the Ministry of Agriculture, the China Ecosystem Research Network (CERN), and the China Forest Ecosystem Positioning Research Network (CFERN). Large order. This is both the support and endorsement of users and the recognition and affirmation of our service capabilities and level.

Agent products:

1. Agents and technical service providers in China:

PICARRO (USA), ASD (UK) (now part of Malvern Panalytical), Resonon (USA), AirPhoton (USA), AMS (France), Ambience Data (Canada), Spectral (Canada) Devices, Cropsense crop growth monitor;

2. Agents and technical service providers in China:

Campbell Corporation, YSI Corporation, Itres Corporation, Tetracam Corporation, Apogee Corporation and Palas Corporation.


Independent research and development products:

The company has a professional team engaged in the research and development of instruments all the year round. It has strong technical force and has many experienced R&D, structural design, testing and production commissioning engineers. The plant and soil moisture vacuum extraction device, the soil greenhouse gas flux monitoring system, the soil profile gradient trace gas collection device, the soil water stability tester, etc. independently developed by the company have successfully obtained more than 20 utility model patent certificates. It has been put into production and market sales, and has been used by many users and has achieved a large number of important scientific research results, winning the unanimous praise of the majority of users.

1. Stable isotope measurement pretreatment equipment:

LI-2100 automatic vacuum condensation extraction system, LI-2000 plant soil moisture vacuum extraction system

2. Soil gas flux measurement equipment:

SF-3500 soil gas flux measurement system, PS-3500 portable soil gas flux measurement system, SF-9000 multi-channel soil carbon flux automatic measurement system, PS-9000 portable soil carbon flux automatic measurement system.

Technical strength:

1. Pay attention to the training of after-sales personnel:

While providing users with advanced equipment and thoughtful technical services, LICA Company actively dispatched technical engineers to the factory to learn instrument operation skills and maintenance technology to improve the overall after-sales service level.

2. Strong technical service:

Now, the company is already the China ABB (formerly LGR) China Technology Center and the American ASD Company (now part of the Malvern Panalytical) China Service Center. Engineers have more than ten years of maintenance experience with a high level of technical service and maintenance capabilities.

3. Establish a calibration laboratory:

The company also built a calibration laboratory, which is responsible for the calibration and maintenance of the US ASD spectrometer and Resonon hyperspectral imager in China, greatly improving the calibration and maintenance efficiency of features and imaging spectroscopy products in China. Reduce the user's time cost and maintenance costs, and ensure the accuracy of the data.

Quality Management System Certification

In January 2018, the company successfully passed the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. The products and services covered include: atmospheric soil respiration monitoring system, research and development of water and gas isotope pretreatment equipment and sales of scientific research equipment. . This marks that the level of management of the United States and Canada has entered a new stage of development and is another milestone in the pursuit of excellence by the people.

New challenges and opportunities

Novel Instruments Provide New Opportunities

For more than a decade, the company has been committed to providing each user with more advanced instruments and technology solutions worldwide. Through the accumulation of our own experience and the unremitting pursuit and improvement of the future high-tech, we adhere to the core values of the customer-centered, professional focus and continuous improvement, and constantly carry out self-innovation and technological innovation. We will go forward and work tirelessly. To provide users with more advanced technology, more sophisticated products, and better service.

By scientists, for scientists!



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