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Product Name: ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer

10 nm SWIR resolution for the technical requirements of most field researchers

The 3 nm VNIR, 10 nm SWIR spectral resolution of the ASD FieldSpec® 4 Standard-Res portable spectroradiometer is ideal for characterizing spectral features with a resolution down to 10 nm. The ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res is well positioned to meet a majority of the technical needs of field researchers who require dependable and trusted results from a field portable spectroradiometer.

The ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res portable spectroradiometer is the right choice for a wide range of remote sensing applications, including multispectral sensor ground truthing and calibration, agricultural analysis, and snow and ice studies. In addition to being a world class spectroradiometer, the ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res is equally suited to serve as a rugged, portable spectrometer for accurate contact reflectance or non-solar stand-off measurements.

Spectral Range350-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution3 nm @ 700 nm 
10 nm @ 1400/2100 nm 
Spectral sampling (bandwidth)1.4 nm @ 350-1000 nm 
1.1 nm @ 1001-2500 nm
Scanning Time100 milliseconds
Stray light specificationVNIR 0.02%, SWIR 1 & 2 0.01%
Wavelength reproducibility0.1 nm
Wavelength accuracy0.5 nm
Maximum radianceVNIR 2X Solar, SWIR 10X Solar
DetectorsVNIR detector (350-1000 nm): 512 element silicon array 
SWIR 1 detector (1001-1800 nm): Graded Index InGaAs Photodiode, Two Stage TE Cooled 
SWIR 2 detector (1801-2500 nm): Graded Index InGaAs Photodiode, Two Stage TE Cooled
Input1.5 m fiber optic (25° field of view). Optional narrower field of view fiber optics available.
Noise Equivalent Radiance (NEdL)VNIR      1.0 X10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 700 nm 
SWIR 1  1.2 X10-9  W/cm2/nm/sr @ 1400 nm 
SWIR 2  1.9 X10-9  W/cm2/nm/sr @ 2100 nm
Weight5.44 kg (12 lbs)

Wavelength, absolute reflectance, radiance*, irradiance*. All calibrations are NIST traceable. (*radiometric calibrations are optional)


Windows® 7 64-bit laptop (instrument controller)


One year full warranty including expert customer support

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