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Best solution for your urgent requirement:easy to operate, a fast extraction system of plant, soil and other sample.
The CR6-series measurement and control datalogger is a powerful core component for your data-acquisition system. We combined the best features of all our dataloggers and added faster commu­nications, low power requirements, built in USB, compact size, and improved analog input accuracy and resolution.
The Pika IR-L+ is a line-scan hyperspectral camera that coversthe near-infrared spectral range (925 – 1700 nm).
The Pika IR-L is a line-scan hyperspectral camera that covers thenear-infrared spectral range (925 – 1700 nm).
The CS320 is a digital thermopile pyranometer that measures broad-spectrum short-wave radiation and communicates over the simple SDI-12 protocol to the datalogger. This sensor design eliminates measurement error and programming errors that can adversely affect data quality.
TIR Pushframe Sensor (Cooled MCT Thermal Airborne Broadband Imager)
Hyperspectral all-in-one VNIR imager that others try to emulate. Up to 288 bands of crisp visible-near infrared goodness for a wide variety of environmental, forestry, agricultural, optical water quality and wetlands applications.
Small Form Factor, Hyperspectral Pushbroom SWIR Imager with Diffraction, Limited Optics. Continuous VNIR-SWIR Coverage When Used with ITRES μCASI-1920
Portable Air/Ground Broadband TIR Imager
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