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Campbell Scientific’s CSAT3 3D Sonic Anemometer is the 3D sonic anemometer of choice for eddy-covariance measurements. It has an aerodynamic design, a 10 cm vertical measurement path, operates in a pulsed acoustic mode, and withstands exposure to harsh weather conditions. Three orthogonal wind components (ux, uy, uz) and the speed of sound (c) are measured and output at a maximum rate of 60 Hz. Analog outputs and two types of digital outputs are provided.
Portable automatic soil N2O flux system is a measurement system that utilizes the chamber method to measure soil N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO flux emissions.
INFRARED RADIOMETERS: SI-100-SS, SIF-100-SS, & SI-410-SS SeriesHigh accuracy non-contact surface temperature measurement
APOGEE PYRGEOMETERS: SL-500-SS & SL-600-SS SeriesAccurate and stable incoming and outgoing longwave radiation measurement
APOGEE NET RADIOMETER: SN-500-SSAccurate measurement in a compact design
APOGEE OXYGEN SENSORS: SO-100, SO-200, & SO-400 SeriesMeasure gaseous O₂ in the laboratory and underground
SILICON-CELL PYRANOMETERS: SP-100 & SP-200 SeriesAccurate and stable global shortwave (solar) radiation measurement
APOGEE THERMOPILE PYRANOMETERS: SP-510 & SP-610Blackbody accuracy with a cost-effective design
Measure total radiation from 250 to 400 nm
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