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Lightweight, compact, ideal for airborne remote sensing applications.
6 nm enhanced SWIR resolution for the next generation of hyperspectral sensor
The AirPhotonAeroExplorersize scanning 3-wavelength Integrating Nephelometer(IN102) measures the light scattered by particulate matter, over the angular range 7 to 170o. Using exclusive programmable flow rates with stabilization feedback and proven cyclone inlets, the IN102 toggles between up to 4 particle sizes at selectable time periods. Employing an innovative design, the forward and backward scattering measurements are made completely independently.  LED technology allows the nephelometerto make these measurements at 450 nm, 532 nm and 632 nm, and to a sensitivity
Campbell Scientific’s IRGASON fully integrates the open-path analyzer and sonic anemometer. Designed specifically for eddy-covariance flux measurements, the patented design is easier to install and use than separate sensors and provides increased measurement accuracy. The IRGASON simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor, air temperature, barometric pressure, and three-dimen­sional wind speed and sonic air temperature.
The CPEC200 is a closed-path eddy-covariance system that measures surface-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat, and momentum. The system includes Campbell Scientific's EC155 closed-path gas analyzer, our CSAT3A sonic anemometer, and our CR3000 datalogger, along with the other hardware and software needed for a turn-key eddy-covariance system.
Dendrochronology,Stem analysis,Ecological and geo-morphological analyses,Vitality and damage analysis of road trees.
The AirPhoton AeroExplorer System measures aerosols in real time using a 3 wavelength integrating Nephelometer as well as collecting and preserving the aerosols themselves for later analysis using one of our filter stations.
8 nm SWIR resolution ideal for geological studies and atmospheric research
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