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What is the difference between the deuterium content of water at an altitude of 5,100 m and 7,100 m?

Date: 2022-05-16
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What is low deuterium water?

Deuterium depleted water (DDW) is the English term for deuterium-depleted water, which in English semantics is called deuterium-depleted water.

Low deuterium water is said to be beneficial to human health as it activates immune cells, improves the body's basal metabolic level, resists cell mutation and delays ageing, and is beneficial to the survival development and reproduction of living organisms. Organisms always give preference to hydrogen over its isotope, deuterium, and in comparison, low deuterium water is more friendly to the human body. The natural low deuterium water currently available on the market comes from the Tibetan plateau and has a deuterium abundance of -152‰, which we will find out today.

Initial testing

What is the difference between the deuterium content of water at an altitude of 5,100 m and 7,100 m?

After purchasing a bottle of 7100 Nyingchi Tanggula Ice Mountain Alkaline Water and a bottle of 5100 Tibetan Glacier Mineral Water from an East APP, we conducted hydrogen and oxygen isotope tests on them respectively using a liquid water isotope analyser, and the test process and results are as follows.

The Process

① Instruments used and accuracy.

Instrument - GLA431-TLWIA ( TLWIA -912) liquid water isotope analyser (δ2H, δ17O, δ18O, d-excess, 17O-excess)

Repeatability / Accuracy - High accuracy mode (1σ, 110 unknown samples/day).

Guaranteed accuracy: δ2H<0.4‰, δ17O<0.1‰, δ18O<0.1‰.

② Experimental test with 8 stitches and 4 stitches removed.

What is the difference between the deuterium content of water at an altitude of 5,100 m and 7,100 m?


What is the difference between the deuterium content of water at an altitude of 5,100 m and 7,100 m?

According to the test results, both the 7100 Nyingchi Tanggula Ice Mountain Alkaline Water and the 5100 Tibetan Glacier Mineral Water have a low deuterium content. In comparison, 7100 Nyingchi Tanggula Ice Mountain Alkaline Water has a lower deuterium content of -143.2110‰, but this is still somewhat less than the advertised -152‰.

Comparative testing

After the test, we also tested the Ganten barrel water that the company usually buys, and the results showed that its δD value was -67.2367‰. Why is there such a big difference in deuterium content for the same water?

The isotopic composition of water in nature varies regularly: from the equator to high latitudes, from the ocean to the interior of continents, and from low to high altitudes, the heavy isotope deficit increases sequentially, constituting the latitudinal effect, the continental effect and the altitude effect. This is due to the isotopic fractionation effect of water during evaporation and coalescence, with light isotopes preferentially vaporising during evaporation and heavy isotopes preferentially liquefying during coalescence, resulting in a gradual increase in light isotopes as the evaporation and coalescence processes continue.

The liquid water isotope analyser used in this test offers a new way of measuring isotopes by combining high speed and high accuracy with continuous online measurements in the field. In addition, other kinds of isotope analyzers of the company can be widely used in liquid water, plant water, soil water, wine and beverage, medical detection, fruit, etc.

 What is the difference between the deuterium content of water at an altitude of 5,100 m and 7,100 m?


The value of an instrument lies not only in the accuracy of data detection, but also in providing convenient services for those who need it. Therefore, as a technology company, we are committed to technology research and development, and strive to provide customers with advanced high-tech products. At the same time, we are also committed to technical services, providing isotope testing services and channels, hoping to bring more convenient technical detection to more users in need.

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