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Case ABB products
说明: [SF-3000 Soil Flux Measurement System] Chengdu Mountain Institute Shenzha County, Nagqu District, Tibet
说明: [ASD Installation Training] School of Environment, Beijing Normal University Portable Spectrometer
说明: User: Yumen Oil FieldProduct: Futura
说明: Recently, the LGR liquid water isotope analyzer purchased by Yunnan University arrived, and the engineering and technical personnel of the company have successfully completed the installation and commissioning work.The arrival LGR liquid water isotope analyzer is the latest model LWIA-24d of LGR. If 1000 injection injections are taken every day with the automatic sampler, it is the fastest and most accurate measurement of liquid water oxygen isotope. equipment.This is the first time that the LGR analyzer has settled in the research unit of Yunnan Province, and the user group of LGR has expanded. The company will continue to redouble its efforts to reward users' appreciation for us with quality after-sales support.
说明: In November 2011, the FUTURA continuous flow analyzer of the Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was installed. The user is very satisfied with the performance of the services and products of the company.
说明: \[Resonon Imaging Spectrometer Pika XC] Shaanxi Normal University
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Lanzhou Institute of Arid Meteorology, China Meteorological Administration Portable Spectrometer
说明: Recently, the LGR liquid water isotope analyzer from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University arrived, and the technicians of the company have completed the installation and commissioning of the instrument. We have added another LGR user.
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