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Case ABB products
说明: A few days ago, our company engineers completed the installation and commissioning of the newly arrived SC200, Intermittent Chemical Analyzer of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University. SmartChem has added a new user.
说明: Qingdao Tobacco Institute installed Resonon Pika XC2
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Guilin University of Technology Portable Spectrometer
说明: In August 2011, another new LGR liquid water isotope analyzer LWIA-24d was settled in China. The instrument was installed at the national field observation station of CERN at the Fukang station. At the same time, LICA's LI-2000 vacuum extraction system was also available. This is the second water isotope analyzer purchased by Xinjiang Biogeography. On the side, the application of stable isotope data is more and more extensive.
说明: Recently, my company engineers completed the installation of Peking University SmartChem 200. The instrument is now operating normally and the user is very satisfied.
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Hunan Normal University Portable Object Spectrometer
说明: Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences ASD Ground Spectrometer FieldSpec4 Installation Training
说明: LGR liquid water isotope analyzer                                                                         LI-2000 plant soil moisture vacuum extraction system    Recently, the liquid water isotope analyzer of the Northeast Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences arrived in Changchun. The technicians of the company have completed the installation of the instruments and equipment. Also in the same period is the LI-2000 vacuum extraction equipment. Vacuum extraction is a standard equipment for water isotope extraction without fractionation. After rigorous testing, the extra...
说明: In November 2010, the Proxima Flow Analyzer of the College of Grassland of Lanzhou University was installed.
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