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Case ABB products
说明: In May 2010, a SmartChem 200 fully automatic chemical analyzer from the Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences arrived. The engineers of the company added and installed the instrument and explained the technical problems raised by the user. At present, the instrument is operating normally, and the user has mastered the operation of the instrument and is satisfied with the stable performance of the instrument. .                                                             &...
说明: Recently, the newly purchased LGR liquid water isotope analyzer from Beijing Normal University has been installed by the engineers of Liga and has already begun to use. Users of LGR's liquid water isotope analyzer have added a new member to China.This time, the LWIA-30d model of LGR is available. This is the fastest measurement in the world. It can be used for measurement in 80 seconds. It is also the 2H and 18O measuring equipment in water with the highest accuracy.
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Nanjing University Portable Ground Spectrometer
说明: The purchase of the LGR carbon dioxide isotope analyzer from the Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology arrived, and the engineers of the Riga have completed the installation and commissioning of the instrument. The instrument is now in good operating condition.The CO2 isotope analyzer of this arrival is LCA's CCIA-36d, which can measure 13C and 18O at the same time. It is a veritable CO2 isotope analyzer. The instrument has excellent performance and can achieve an accuracy of 13C better than 0.1‰ in many measurement times. Because of the better performance of the laser, it will not be affected by other gases in the environment, such as methane. Moreover, since the absorption peaks of various CO2 isotope molecules are measured in the same scan, the fluctuation of the concentration of th...
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Shandong Agricultural University Portable Spectrometer
说明: Installation and commissioning of CCIA and TOC in the dry room of Lanzhou University
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Guangxi University Portable Spectrometer FS4
说明: Recently, the LGR rapid greenhouse gas analyzer purchased by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the rapid nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide analyzer were available. Installation, commissioning and acceptance have now been completed, and the accuracy and stability of the instrument are excellent after comparison with gas chromatography.The two devices purchased this time are suitable for measuring the concentration of CH4/N2O at atmospheric concentration levels and can be used for high frequency output structures of 10 Hz. The user is prepared for vorticity correlation flux measurement.
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Jiangxi University of Technology Portable Spectrometer FS4
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