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LGR Greenhouse Gas Analyzer Boarded the Polar "Snow Dragon" Scientific Research Vessel Once Again

Date: 2018-05-03
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On November 5, 2013, LGR greenhouse gas analyzer, which supplied by LICA United, officially put into use in the "Snow Dragon" scientific research vessel. With the LGR greenhouse gas analyzer, the "Snow Dragon" opened the thirtieth Antarctic expedition trip on November 7, 2013. This is the second time that LGR greenhouse gas analyzer boarded the polar "Snow Dragon" scientific research vessel after the Arctic expedition of last year.
                              LGR Greenhouse Gas Analyzer Boarded the Polar LGR Greenhouse Gas Analyzer Boarded the Polar
With the help of the LGR greenhouse gas analyzer and related auxiliary equipments, scientific researchers will get the route of greenhouse gases (including methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor) of the Atmospheric background value and air sea fluxes, to lay a solid foundation for studying the relation of polar change and climate in China.
In view of the Antarctic expedition is the highest specifications multidisciplinary study of oceanographic research in China, it would experience strong wind waves, cold temperature and other harsh environment test. Scientific researchers had select LGR greenhouse gas analyzer in the "Snow Dragon", just proved the excellent characteristics of LGR greenhouse gas analyzer: high precision, accurate measurement, low drift and high adaptability, it is the sufficient affirmation of LGR analyzer’s excellent performance, and also the service capabilities of LICA United!
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