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说明: Guangxi Botanical Garden Liquid Water Analyzer
说明: China Meteorological Administration Acceptance of two N2O/CO calibration analyzers
说明: Recently, China's water ASTRI water environment three LGR arrival of equipment commissioning. They are the fast greenhouse gas analyzer FGGA, the carbon dioxide isotope analyzer CCIA, and the methane isotope analyzer MCIA.The user uses this equipment primarily for methane, carbon dioxide flux measurements in water bodies, and uses isotope data to determine the source of flux.
说明: Recently, the LGR liquid water isotope analyzer purchased by Yunnan University arrived, and the engineering and technical personnel of the company have successfully completed the installation and commissioning work.The arrival LGR liquid water isotope analyzer is the latest model LWIA-24d of LGR. If 1000 injection injections are taken every day with the automatic sampler, it is the fastest and most accurate measurement of liquid water oxygen isotope. equipment.This is the first time that the LGR analyzer has settled in the research unit of Yunnan Province, and the user group of LGR has expanded. The company will continue to redouble its efforts to reward users' appreciation for us with quality after-sales support.
说明: Recently, the LGR liquid water isotope analyzer from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University arrived, and the technicians of the company have completed the installation and commissioning of the instrument. We have added another LGR user.
说明: Recently, a new LGR liquid water isotope analyzer settled in Xi'an University of Technology, the first liquid water isotope user in Shaanxi Province.
说明: On July 14, 2011, the company completed the installation and commissioning of the LWIA of the Nanjing Institute of Soil Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the instrument operated well. Subsequently, the user was introduced to the use and maintenance skills of the instrument. These skills are derived from the experience of hundreds of users before, and have been able to effectively solve various small problems encountered in current use.
说明: In August 2011, another new LGR liquid water isotope analyzer LWIA-24d was settled in China. The instrument was installed at the national field observation station of CERN at the Fukang station. At the same time, LICA's LI-2000 vacuum extraction system was also available. This is the second water isotope analyzer purchased by Xinjiang Biogeography. On the side, the application of stable isotope data is more and more extensive.
说明: LGR liquid water isotope analyzer                                                                         LI-2000 plant soil moisture vacuum extraction system    Recently, the liquid water isotope analyzer of the Northeast Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences arrived in Changchun. The technicians of the company have completed the installation of the instruments and equipment. Also in the same period is the LI-2000 vacuum extraction equipment. Vacuum extraction is a standard equipment for water isotope extraction without fractionation. After rigorous testing, the extra...
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