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Case ABB products
说明: User: Inner Mongolia Agricultural University Siziwangqi Wild StationProduct: Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer
说明: User: Inner Mongolia Agricultural UniversityProduct: Ultra portable Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer
说明: User: Poyang Lake Lake Wetland Observation and Research StationProduct: Ultraportable Liquid Water Isotope Analyze
说明: User: Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of SciencesProduct: Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer
说明: User: Ruoergai wetland, Institute of Wetland Research, Chinese Academy of ForestryProduct: Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer
说明: Installation place: Greater Khingan RangeProduct: Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer、 Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer
说明: User: Shandong Agricultural UniversityProduct: Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer
说明: User: Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of SciencesProduct: Ultraportable CH4/CO2/H2O/NH3 Analyzer
说明: LGR's ultra water vapor isotope analyzer (hereinafter referred to as UWVIA) is a device capable of continuously measuring the δ2H, δ18O and H2O mole fractions in situ at high frequency under a wide range of varying water vapor concentrations. The high-frequency measurement of water-isotope in the atmosphere-vegetation interface layer provides convenience for researchers to understand water vapor flux at the ecosystem scale, and is of great significance for fitting water vapor movement and predicting climate change. LGR has also designed a water vapor isotope standard gas generator to achieve long-term unattended measurement of water vapor isotope.
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