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Product Name: YSI 6600 V2 Sonde

YSI 6600 V2 Sonde

With 2 or 4 optical ports and new sensor options

Make the most of your environmental monitoring efforts: The 6600 V2 sonde offers the most comprehensive water quality monitoring package available with simultaneous measurement of conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth or level, pH/ORP. The 6600 V2-4 also measures these parameters: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae; the V2-2 measures two of the four parameters simultaneously. Additional calculated parameters include total dissolved

solids, resistivity, and specific conductance.


Take advantage of YSI' s new optical sensor design and anti-fouling wiper control for improved reliability during extended deployments.


Self-cleaning optical sensors with integrated wipers remove biofouling and maintain high data accuracy

Field-replaceable sensors make trips to the field quick

Optimal power management and built-in battery compartment extends in situ monitoring periods



Take Advantage of YSI' s New Optical Sensors

In addition to turbidity, chlorophyll, and rhodamine, YSI now offers these optical sensors:


ROX Reliable Optical Dissolved Oxygen

The ROX sensor uses lifetime luminescence detection technology to offer the most reliable oxygen sensor with the lowest possible maintenance effort. The sensor is insensitive to hydrogen sulfide interference and does not require regular membrane changes.

Blue-Green Algae (BGA)

YSI’ s fluorescence-based blue-green algae sensors will allow you to monitor blue green algae populations where their presence is a concern. Whether providing an early warning to an algal bloom, tracking taste and odor-causing species in drinking water supplies, or conducting ecosystem research, YSI BGA sensors will provide sensitive and reliable in situ data.


Sensor performance verified*

The 6600 V2 sonde uses sensor technology that was verified through the US EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV). For information on which sensors were performance-verified, turn this sheet over and look for the ETV logo.


6600 Upgrades Available

YSI is committed to offering our customers reliable and cost-effective water monitoring solutions. To this end, we are offering V2 Upgrades for existing 6600s. Upgrades will be available from YSI Authorized Service Centers and will include the new 6600 V2 bulkhead, a ROX Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, and firmware/ software upgrades. In addition, the sonde will be fully tested and calibrated by an experienced YSI service technician.

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