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Product Name: SmartChem discrete chemistry analyzer

The SmartChem™200 discrete chemistry analyzer designed for environmental testing laboratories gives you uniform high-quality data at top speed and low cost.

SmartWash The intelligent, high performance wash station washes the sample probe after every liquid contact to prevent cross-contamination. The probe is washed twice internally and externally between samples to prevent carryover.

CQA System The unique Cuvette Quality Assurance system verifies the optical purity of each cuvette before each use.

Direct Read The SmartChem™200 measures absorbances directly in the reaction cuvettes. This eliminates the need to transfer reaction mixtures to a common flow cell and thereby prevents any possibility of carryover.

SmartBlank Sample blanking can be done at any stage of the chemistry cycle with no reduction in work throughout.

Segregated Wastes Wastes are segregated to reduce disposal costs.

Significantly higher level of automation and minimal operator interaction

For example:

  • all methods are stored in memory

  • as many as six (6) methods can be programmed in a single run

  • method changeover is automatic with all the chemistry requirements in place to include sample volume, reagents(s) volume(s), dwell time, and optical filter

  • no hardware changes from test-to-test

  • no wasted reagents

  • no baseline stabilization

  • no pump tubes

  • no flowing streams

  • no shutdown

The SmartData System software designed for environmental testing laboratories will:

  • prepare working standards from a stock solution

  • prepare spiked samples and calculate recoveries

  • rerun over range samples

  • offers 5 modes of detection: endpoint, fixed time, differential, bichromatic, and kinetic

  • QC charting 

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