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LGR arrives China Forestry Research Institute

Date: 2018-04-27
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In August 2009, three LGR isotope analyzers from the Forestry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry were included, including a second-generation LGR liquid water isotope analyzer, a gaseous water isotope analyzer and a CO2 isotope analyzer. After the adjustment of the engineers, the three instruments are now operating normally.

                        中国林业科学研究院LGR到货   中国林业科学研究院LGR到货

        Among them, the liquid water isotope analyzer is used by the user to measure precipitation, river water and groundwater samples in the laboratory. The second-generation liquid water isotope analyzer has a large degree of upgrade in both hardware and software compared to the first generation. The measurement time is greatly shortened and the measurement accuracy is improved. After installation and training, the user has been able to master the operation of the instrument and is very satisfied with the stable performance of the instrument.



       In October 2009, engineers from the company added a gaseous water isotope and CO2 isotope analyzer to the Yellow River Xiaolangdi Forest Ecological Station of the State Forestry Administration. The Academy of Forestry uses these two instruments for isotope profile measurements, primarily to study the intensity of physiological activities such as photosynthesis and transpiration at the ecosystem level.

                中国林业科学研究院LGR到货   中国林业科学研究院LGR到货

                中国林业科学研究院LGR到货   中国林业科学研究院LGR到货


Together with the three LGR analyzers that arrived, there are currently 20 LGR instruments in China serving scientific research.

          Beijing LICA United Technology Limited has been selling exclusive LGR products in China since 2007, providing technical support and after-sales service.


        In July 2009, Dr. Baer, President of LGR, expressed his appreciation for the work of the company, and affirmed that the company adhered to the after-sales service center. It indicates that LGR will provide the greatest degree of support. In September 2009, LGR hired Dr. He Yonggang to provide technical support for LICA, and Chinese users will receive faster and more accurate support. The engineer of LICALiu Yayong went to LGR headquarters in October 2009 for advanced maintenance training. In the future, most of the problems of LGR instruments can be handled domestically, which not only saves money, but also greatly shortens the maintenance time and solves the worries of users.



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