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Product Name: PS-3020 Portable Automatic Soil N2O/CH4 Flux System

Portable automatic soil N2O flux system is a measurement system that utilizes the chamber method to measure soil N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO flux emissions.


PS-3020 Portable Automatic Soil N2O/CH4 Flux System



In soil, excessive nitrogen fertilizer can promote microbial activities and transform nitrogen into N2O through nitrification and denitrification. N2O exists in the atmosphere for a long time. It can be transported to the stratosphere, destroy the ozone layer, cause the ozone hole, expose human and other organisms to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun, and cause damage to human skin, eyes and immune system.


Among all kinds of air pollutants discharged by industry, CO is the main one. The pollutants will fall into the soil with precipitation and natural sedimentation, which will lead to the decline of land production potential and the deterioration of product quality, and cause serious harm to human beings, animals and plants.


Portable automatic soil N2O flux system is a measurement system that utilizes the chamber method to measure soil N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO flux emissions. The system has the functions of control measurement, storage and data processing. The PS-3020 can read the changes of N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO in the soil chamber measured by the portable N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO analyzer in real time, and combine the monitoring data of the air temperature, atmospheric pressure and soil temperature. The N2O/CH4 or N2O/CO emission flux values are then can be obtained. Meantime the acquired raw data and the calculated flux results are stored in the SD card.


SC-12 soil survey chamber can automatically repeat measurements. and it is light, easy to carry and operate in situ. Uniquely designed, measurement results will be more accurate.


PS-3020 Control unit set a variety of measurement parameters through the wireless cell phone APP in real-time and displays the measurement results of the instrument at the same time.



Main features


u  The analyzer could measure N2O/CH4 (or N2O/CO) and H2O flux at the same time.

u  The analyzer’s measuring frequency could reach 10 Hz.

u  Simplified user interface, could easily get the results with only a few operations.

u  No need the steps of data post-processing, the measured results can be directly displayed and saved.

u  Weight is as light as 23 kg.


PS-3020 Portable Automatic Soil N2O/CH4 Flux System




u  Analyzer: Portable N2O and CH4 analyzer

Precision (1δ, 1 sec / 10 sec):

N2O: 0.5 ppb / 0.2 ppb    [<500 ppb]

CH4: 2 ppb / 0.6 ppb      [<500 ppb]

H2O: 50 ppm / 20 ppm

Linear measurement ranges (meets all specifications):

N2O: Up to 4 ppm

CH4: Up to 100 ppm

H2O: Up to 30 000 ppm

Operational ranges:

N2O: Up to 40 ppm

CH4: Up to 600 ppm

H2O:<99% RH, non-condensing

Measurement rate:

0.01 – 1 Hz (user selectable)

Flow response time:

<30 seconds (1/e)

<10 seconds (1/e) with external diaphragm pump ACC-DP3H

Sampling conditions:

Operating temperature: 5 – 45 °C

Ambient humidity:<99% relative humidity non-condensing

Data outputs:

WiFi, Ethernet, USB, Serial (RS-232)

Power requirements:


110/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

180 watts (steady state)

max 300 watts with ACC-DP3H


51 cm (20 in.) x 61cm (24 in.) x 20 cm (8 in.)


23 kg (51 pounds)



u  PS-3020 Control Unit

Display screen: Mobile app Android

Micro-processor: ARM Cotex-m3

Operating temperature: - 20-60

Power requirements:  < 10W

Storage medium: SD card

Communication interface: WiFi, RS-232, SDI-12

Synchronous pump: 12V, < 0.5A

Flow rate: 3L / min

Battery type: 24 v-40 ah lithium battery

Battery life: 3-4 hours (single battery)

Weight: 10.95 kg (including single battery)


u  SC-12 Soil survey chamber 

Measuring Area276.27cm² 

Fixed volume of air chamber3451.00cm³

Cable Length2 m

Power requirements: < 2.2 W

Dimensions27.5 x 24.5 x 44.5 cm

Weight3.85 kg


u  LI-520A Soil temperature and humidity sensor

Humidity measurement range 0-100%                   

Accuracy±2%(0-50%),   ±3%(51-100%)

Temperature measurement range-30 ~ +70       


Communication mode: SDI-12                                   

Cable Length2 m



u  Ordering Information

1.       GLA151-N2OM1: N2O/CH4 analyzer;

2.       GLA151-N2OCM: N2O/CO analyzer

3.       PS-3020: Control unit (Including instrument storage and control module, cart, two lithium batteries, two lithium battery chargers, soil temperature and humidity sensor, a handheld controller, etc)

4.       SC-12: Soil survey chamber




Support: Provide technical support and service for life

Manufacturer: ABB, Canada / LICA, China


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