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The advanced near-infrared field spectroradiometer for collecting spectral measurements in the field.The FieldSpec HandHeld 2TM and HandHeld 2 Pro — the latest in the FieldSpec® line of premier spectroradiometers from ASD, the global leader in remote sensing spectroscopy instrumentation solutions.
Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon AnalyzerFlame ionization for the detection of total hydrocarbon
Simultaneous measurements of H2S and NH3
The Deep Water Gas Analyzer combines membrane separation technology with Los Gatos Research’s cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technology to provide in situ measurements of methane and carbon dioxide at depths to 2500 meters. Designed for applications such as ocean acidification, carbon sequestration, methane hydrate and hydrothermal vent studies, these novel analyzers provide real-time measurements of dissolved gases in oceans and lakes.
Model 55i Methane & Non-Methane AnalyzerUtilizes flame ionization for the detection of CH4 and NMHC gas analyzer
Fast, accurate, sensitive and direct NO2 (nitrogen dioxide)
UV Photometric Primary Standard for the calibration of ozone analyzers and transfer standards
Thermo Scientific Model 146iMass flow calibrator for ambient air monitoring Multi-Gas Calibrator
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