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Installation Installation
Case ABB products
说明: Physical and Chemical Analysis Center, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences LGR IWA-45EP Installation Training Completed
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Xi'an University of Technology Portable Spectrometer FS4
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Inner Mongolia University Handheld Spectrometer HH2
说明: Installation and commissioning of LGR instrument of Yucheng Comprehensive Experimental Station of Chinese Academy of SciencesCarbon dioxide and water vapor profile; eddy; small weather station
说明: [ASD Installation Training] Changchun Jingyuetan Remote Sensing Experimental Station Portable Spectrometer FS4
说明: Installation of CO2 isotope analyzer for Puding Station of Guiyang Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
说明: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Portable Spectrometer FS4 (Photo)
说明: Wuhan Ground Adjustment Center Water Isotope Analyzer
说明: CO2 isotope and CH4 isotopic field profile system of Qinghai Normal University
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